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​AgLogic™ Aldicarb Pesticide Formulations

​        15G - Corncob Grit Formulation (LABEL) (Calibration)

        15GG - Gypsum Formulation (LABEL) (Calibration)

Please note there are significant differences when calibrating the two different formulations due to flow rates. Check corresponding calibration chart 15G OR 15GG for accuracy.

AgLogic™ aldicarb pesticide is a technically advanced formulation with the active ingredient aldicarb.

AgLogic™ aldicarb pesticide is a carbamate pesticide that controls a wide range of chewing, piercing and sucking pests by direct contact with treated soil and by systemic action when target pests feed on treated crops.

Depending on the crop to be treated, AgLogic™ can be applied in a band immediately prior to planting, into the seed furrow at planting, or side-dressed post-emergence. All methods of application require that the granules be immediately covered by soil or mechanically incorporated into the soil.

AgLogic™ aldicarb pesticide provides up to six weeks of residual control of thrips, aphids, leafhoppers, whiteflies, mites, nematodes and other chewing and sucking pests.

AgLogic™ aldicarb pesticide is activated by soil moisture and rapidly absorbed by plant roots. The product then moves systemically throughout the plant to provide long-lasting protection from harmful pests with minimal impact on beneficial arthropods.

The unique selectivity and activity of AgLogic's active ingredient aldicarb has been an important asset in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs for over 40 years. 

​​AgLogic™ Aldicarb Pesticide.