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Get Fierce Protection for Your Investment

AgLogic 15GG aldicarb, previously known as Temik, gives cotton, peanuts, dry beans, soybeans, sugarbeets and sweet potatoes superior protection against pests. While seed treatments are showing resistance to pests, AgLogic is stopping nematodes, thrips, aphids, leafhoppers, whiteflies and mites in their tracks.

  • Cotton
  • Peanuts
  • Dry beans
  • Soybeans
  • Sugarbeets
  • Sweet potatoes

Grow More. Gross More.


281 lbs. more per acre from a single treatment than Thimet


Increased yields by 150+ lbs. per acre

When a Row Misses an AgLogic Application, You Miss Out.

From faster early season grow off to higher yields at harvest, the benefits of AgLogic aldicarb last all season long.

In the photos above, the row in the middle missed an application of AgLogic aldicarb.

Pest Protection that Works as Hard as You Do

Apply AgLogic 15GG aldicarb at planting to better protect your crops from profit-eating pests. Without these pests, your crops can establish stronger roots and early plant vigor, supporting faster canopy development and significantly higher potential for increased yields.

Plants using AgLogic 15GG Aldicarb


Plants using Gaucho


Cotton treated with AgLogic aldicarb grows faster, has healthier foliage, and more vigorous root growth than competitive seed treatments

Farmer using Aldicarb

Stop Wasting Your Time & Money

With AgLogic 15GG aldicarb, the roots and leaves of your plant are protected, eliminating the need for costly and labor-intensive foliar spray applications.

Peanut growers have earned up to $432 more in net profit per acre using AgLogic aldicarb.

Promote Faster Growth, Enjoy Greater Results

Your crops can grow faster, taller and create a greater canopy more quickly with AgLogic aldicarb. A strong start to the season is your best bet for higher potential yields at harvest time.

Farmer using Aldicarb

Treating cotton with AgLogic aldicarb significantly boosted boll set and productivity over competitors’ products.

Growers Trust AgLogic Aldicarb to Enhance Their Yields

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"This is the first year I had access to AgLogic and it made a tremendous difference."

Paul Hawkins

Grower in Lee County, South Carolina

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