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AgLogic, LLC is firmly committed to the conscientious use ​and stewardship of AgLogic 15G brand aldicarb pesticide to ensure the continued long-term availability of this valuable pest management product.

A comprehensive EPA approved Product Stewardship Plan is currently in place. It is a binding agreement with all involved in the distribution, purchase, handling and application of AgLogic 15G.

All participants within the channel must actively support and participate in stewardship efforts. Completion of a certification course will be required for purchase and use of AgLogic 15G. Details will be available prior to product launch.

AgLogic 15G will be manufactured in the U.S. to the same standards of its predecessor - Temik. 

AgLogic, LLC will aggressively take any and all precautions and measures deemed important to safeguard proper distribution, application, use and stewardship of the product to ensure its continued availability to the market.