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National Cotton Council

"...2011 production losses to the absence of aldicarb are valued at $816 million." - E. Keith Menchey, Manager, Science & Environmental Issues

​National Potato Council

"The lack of an aldicarb product that fits within IPM and resistance management programs is a grave threat to the immediate and future economic viability of potato growers." - John Keeling, NPC CEO.

University & Private Researchers

"If Temik 15G were lost, all cotton producers would be forced to use short residual seed treatments, plus a follow-up organosphate foliar spray for thrips."  - Dr. Jack Bacheler, North Carolina State University

Farm Bureaus

"It is crucial that the supply of aldicarb be sufficiently maintained to meet the pest control needs of farmers." - Zippy Duvall, President, Georgia Farm Bureau


"For 40 years, there has simply been no better substitute for aldicarb in terms of pest control, advances in IPM programs and return on investment for the grower."  - Vern Crawford, PCA, Wilbur-Ellis, Shafter, CA

Growers & Ag Cooperatives

"We fully endorse the continued registration of aldicarb in order to maintain a full toolbox for resistance managemnt." - Tom Knudsen, Vice-President, Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative